5 advantages of the new Microsoft Edge

These are the reasons why Microsoft Edge could beat Google Chrome.

5 advantages of the new Microsoft Edge

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Since Microsoft's browser ran into Google, it was displaced from its position as number one. But Bill Gates' team didn't give up, and after so many attempts, Microsoft realized that instead of competing with its adversary, it should learn from it.

Based on Chromium, Google's free open source browser, Microsoft has launched the new Edge browser, with advantages that are attracting new users every day.

1. For Business

Among the main advantages of Microsoft's new browser is the possibility of accessing our company's intranet. For example: If you wish to search for information on an employee, it is as simple as using the search engine bar and obtaining the internal results.

Microsoft Edge for business.

2. Privacy

Conscious of the importance of user privacy, Microsoft has chosen to provide transparency about the data it collects. In addition, it offers the option of choosing between 3 levels of privacy, thus giving the user the power to choose the tracking limits; a great advantage over Google, for now.

Image: Microsoft.

How to configure Microsoft's privacy.

3. Customization

Continuing with the possibilities that the user has to control his experience inside Microsoft Edge, there is the benefit of personalizing the navigation, from its design to suggestions in the search results such as news and advertising, according to the interests of the user.

Image: Microsoft.

How to customize Microsoft Edge.

4. Performance

Different media have tested Edge's performance against Chrome, and the result has generated interest from new users. For example, unlike Google's browser, Edge avoids opening additional tabs that take up RAM memory.

Among the tests done, the one done by Venture Beat stands out. It exposes the results of different Benchmarks, where Edge proves not only to be better than its predecessor, but also to be more optimal than its competitors.

See results.

5. Compatibility

With the Microsoft Edge project (Chromium), Microsoft aimed to provide greater compatibility for all users. And now, with the new Edge, the fragmentation has been reduced for web developers, who are opening the door to their "Microsoft Edge Insider" community.

Be part of "Microsoft Edge Insider".

Extra point: Easy change.

Finally, to make it easier for users to change, Microsoft Edge allows you to import information, passwords, and "Bookmarks" from Chrome.

And if you're still not convinced, Edge can also add the extensions that Google Chrome offers.

How to add Chrome extensions to Edge.

It seems that Microsoft's browser is ready to return to what once was, however, the last word is with the users. That's why, at least, during the next few months we'll see Edge very attentive to the needs of its community and ready to optimize its service.

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