Women leading!

Three women leaders in the technology Industry.



By Jorge García

Ilustration: Daniel Chávez


Companies are trying to seek being fair to their employees, but opportunities for women in leadership positions remain insufficient. However, here are three leaders who have demonstrated to the world the ability of women to lead.

1. Robyn Denholm, Tesla / CEO

Denholm was already a "veteran" at Tesla, being part of the board of directors, and even the best paid among her partners, as well as a great advisor to Elon Musk, the executive director. She went from working for Toyota, to being the vice president of Sun Microsystems, and so on to become Tesla's current CEO. Her appointment caused uncertainty, however, as said by Musk, thanks to Robyn's experience and contributions, she was credited with running the company.

2. Susan Wojcicki, Youtube / CEO

Susan was the first woman to work on Google, when there were still less than 20 workers (in fact, the company was born in her garage, while she worked for Intel). Her intuition made her trust the company, being Google's marketing guru and later the executive director of YouTube, the video platform that Google bought in 2006, on Wojcicki's own recommendation, with a current value of $160 billion dollars.

3. Virginia “Ginni” Romelty, IBM / CEO

Romelty joined IBM at the age of 24 as a systems engineer in 1979, after a trajectory in the company, where she proved to be able to take risks. In 2012 she was named CEO of IBM, among her achievements stands out a strategic alliance with Apple, former rival of the company, with whom they develop solutions in B2B technology, transforming the company for the next decade, as she told the New York Times.

Virginia Romelty Phrase

There is no doubt that women are capable of running large companies in different industries, now it only remains for companies around the world to do their part and provide equal opportunities

Source: BBC News / El Observador