10 technology events in Mexico in October

Steve Wozniak, Robots, expos and more.

Technology events in October


By Jorge García

Ilustration: Daniel Chávez


From e-commerce strategies guided by Steve Wozniak to robot exhibits, we offer you a list of 10 international technology events that will take place in Mexico during October, 2019.

1- ECSE eCommerce Summit & Expo

Date: October 2 - 3, 2019
Venue: Centro CitiBanamex, Mexico City
Cost: $3,700 MXN

ECSE eCommerce Summit & Expo brings together e-commerce experts to share experiences, trends and to generate business relationships in Mexico. Among the exhibitors, the presence of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, stands out.

More info: www.ecse.mx

2- CONVERGE 2019

Date: October 3 , 2019
Location: Auditorio BlackBerry, Mexico City
Est. cost: Free admission

Converge offers a projection of the technological future, so experts and industry leaders can show you how to re-think the ways to do business.

More info: https://converge.globant.com/


Date: October 3, 2019
Location: Santa Fe, Mexico City
Est. cost: $2,987.00 MXN

IT MASTERS CON 2019 provides expert lessons, state-of-the-art solutions and examples of Mexican companies in transformation, so that industry leaders can effectively adapt their company to meet the new technologically-driven market demands and opportunities.

More info: http://www.itmastersseries.com

4- IBM Cloud & Data Summit

Date: October 15, 2019
Date: October 15, 2019

IBM invites the business community to learn more about its cloud service and how to integrate technologies that offer a competitive advantage in the industry.

More info: www.ibm.com

5- MobiCom 2019

Date: October 21 - 25, 2019
Location: Los Cabos, México
Est. cost: US $250 - US $1775

In its 25th edition, MobiCom 2019 is an international forum on mobile computing and networking that, through workshops and demonstrations, addresses the challenges in networks, systems, algorithms and applications that support laptops and wireless networks.

More info: www.sigmobile.org/


6- Power Platform World Tour

Date: October 23 - 24, 2019
Location: Santa Fe, Mexico City

Impulsado por grupos de usuarios de Power Platform, este evento da acceso a los profesionales más valiosos de Microsoft para conocer el análisis, aplicación y automatización de procesos con Power PlatformPPWT showcases modern data visualization, app customization and innovation at its core. Powered by Power Platform user groups, this event gives access to Microsoft's most valuable professionals for analysis, application and process automation with Power Platform.

More info: www.powerplatformworldtour.com


Date: October 23 - 24, 2019
Venue: Hilton Reforma, Ciudad de México
Est. cost: Free admission

With 18 years of history, INTCOMEXPO offers companies the opportunity to get to know new technology products and services, hand in hand with the main brands in technology, for the optimization of your business.

More info: www.intcomexpo.com

8- CONISOFT 2019

Date: October 23 - 25, 2019
Location: Cuidad Universitaria UNAM, Mexico City
Est. cost: $0 - $700 MXN

In its 7th edition, the International Conference on Research and Innovation in Software Engineering brings together academics, industry and government leaders to generate synergies that promote the development of the software industry in Mexico and the world.

More info: www.conisoft.org


Date: October 28 - 31, 2019
Location: Cancún, Mexico
Est. cost: USD $995 - $1600

Cisco Live! offers, hand in hand with Cisco partners and customers, cutting-edge knowledge and skills about technologies and their future development, as well as networking in friendly spaces.

More info: www.ciscolive.com

10- UR Empowering Event 2019

Date: October 30 - 31, 2019
Venue: Hilton Guadalajara Midtown, Jalisco
Est. cost: Free admission

Universal Robots invites us to the first congress and exhibition of collaborative robotics in Mexico, to learn about technological trends, their advantages, real applications and their use in industry.

More info: ww.universal-robots.com

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