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Sucess Stories

Projects we have been part of

Through our services, we have been a key player in the development and growth of dedicated technology teams for companies of various sizes and sectors, enabling them to successfully fulfill their digital transformation agenda.

Our experience has provided us with the ability to offer personalized service, tailored to the specific needs of our Partners, which has significantly contributed to their success.

Below, we present some success stories in which we have had the privilege to participate.

Employer of Record

Empowering Global Expansion for Accion Labs through Employer of Record Services in Mexico

Accion Labs is a US-based technology consulting firm with a strong focus on delivering cutting-edge software solutions to businesses across various industries. With an increasing demand for its services in Mexico, Accion Labs recognized the opportunity to expand into a new market and tap into the talented pool of software engineers in the region.

However, the complexities of setting up a legal entity in Mexico, navigating and understanding local labor laws and tax regulations, and understanding the culture, language, and current market conditions posed significant challenges for their expansion plans.

After recognizing the unique requirements of Accion Labs, Dresden Partners proposed its Employer of Record (EOR) services, a flexible and efficient solution to overcome the challenges faced by Accion Labs.

Dresden Partners offered expert legal and regulatory support, efficient onboarding and offboarding, and risk mitigation, and allowed Accion Labs to scale their team up or down based on project requirements without any bureaucratic hindrance. 

This successful collaboration allowed Accion Labs was able to swiftly establish a team of highly skilled software engineers in Mexico, reduce the time-to-market by several months, extend its market reach, and focus on its core business activities and project delivery.

Attraction of Specialized Talent

Facilitating Scotiabank’s Software Development Team Expansion through Recruitment Services

Scotiabank Mexico, a leading financial institution, planned to expand its software development capabilities by creating a new team of skilled IT professionals. However, identifying the right IT profiles, and sourcing qualified and experienced candidates in a very competitive market was proving to be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task for Scotiabank’s internal HR team. These challenges were adversely impacting Scotiabank’s digital transformation initiatives.

Therefore, after understanding and recognizing Scotiabank’s unique requirements Dresden Partners offered tailored Recruitment Services focused to meet the specific needs of the financial institution.

Dresden Partners collaborated closely with Scotiabank’s project leaders and HR team to understand the exact skill sets and IT profiles required for their software development team, and by 

providing a comprehensive needs analysis, expert candidate sourcing, streamlined recruitment processes, and collaborative candidate selection, Dresden Partners ensured that Scotiabank had the right talent to drive its digital transformation initiatives forward. 

This partnership exemplifies the value of leveraging external expertise to achieve talent acquisition objectives, enabling businesses like Scotiabank to remain competitive and innovative in their industry.

Digital Transformation

Mobility ADO recognized the need to evolve and adapt to the digital era. To initiate its transformation, it was necessary to develop and launch an e-commerce platform that would allow the company to reach new markets, attract customers, and offer online transactions. However, Mobility ADO lacked the knowledge and experience to integrate and manage a specialized technology team capable of efficiently executing the project on time.

After understanding Mobility ADO’s needs and priorities, Dresden Partners incorporated a specialized team in various technology areas, including software developers, architects, and analysts. Thanks to the experience and skills of this team, the digital transformation project for Mobility ADO was successfully completed, meeting the objectives within the established timeframe.

Currently, Mobility ADO’s e-commerce platform has become its primary sales channel, generating a significant increase in revenue and consolidating its position as the leading transportation provider in Mexico.

Expanding their specialized Service Desk team.

HCL Technologies is an international technology company that provides modern and innovative software solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital era. The Service Desk service of HCL is crucial as it provides technical support to over 250 clients worldwide. HCL needed to strengthen and expand its Service Desk team in Guadalajara but faced several challenges in attracting the right talent and conducting operations successfully.

Dresden Partners understood the needs of HCL and, through the Scrum methodology and their specialization in technology, Dresden and HCL were able to meet the hiring objectives for HCL’s Service Desk. Additionally, Dresden acted as an advisor to improve HCL’s internal HR practices, reduce employee turnover, create a reliable employer brand, and offer competitive salaries to attract talent, making it one of the top Service Desks in Guadalajara to work for.

Due to their excellent performance, Dresden became HCL’s preferred vendor to provide specialized recruitment and staffing services.

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